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HERO Fitographer: Ces White

My photography career began with portraits and weddings. Which I still do, under iDex Photography. Fitness photography began as a passion project then grew as an effort to promote health and fitness. As a United States Air Force veteran, I have training  in videography and broadcast media, which gives me additional experience to draw upon for a variety of projects. It's been a pleasure to shoot for apparel companies, gyms, competitors, events, as well as fitness enthusiasts. Personally, competing in Men's Physique helped inform my photography. One of the greatest feelings is when a client tells you "This is the best shape of my life, thanks for capturing it!" It's a pleasure to showcase AND encourage. Photography is art, I hope to never lose sight of that. I realize that through art, I get to be a positive part of someone's fitness journey, and hopefully inspire others. It's a grand privilege.


-Encourage people to care for their bodies... it's the only one we've got!

-Celebrate Successes in physical fitness and share stories that inspire

-Network with like minded Fitness professionals 


Most amazing wife :) Delva White, celebrating over 12 years of marriage and 2 great kids.

HERO Fitography is a subsidiary of iDex Photography & Multimedia. Owned and operated by Cesaron & Delva White.