Self Love. Growth & Attitude.

Feel good naked. If you don't like how you look and feel, you have the power to do something about it. Don't blame the food you chose to eat. That's your choice. Don't blame the gym membership you don't have, because you can do work at home with minimal time and effort. (But yeah, it's definitely a plus if you can get into a fitness center if possible) Finally, don't guilt yourself over your past decisions! Just be empowered that you can make good choices RIGHT NOW!  Your body is absolutely amazing. We should literally be amazed with how incredible our bodies are. So love yourself and don't let that magnificent piece of art fall into ruin. Again, love yourself and strive for progress not perfection. People will stress to death chasing perfection. Well, death isn't healthy. (Who knew?) SO learn to appreciate your progress! Make the journey worthwhile, enjoy it and chill. Don't hate on someone else's progress either. Their path is for them, yours is for you. Jealousy won't bring you gains or drop your pounds. One constant theme you'll see me post about is respecting your own uniqueness, reaching your own potential, and encouraging others wherever they are in their personal fitness journey. That's why it's called "Fitfam" right?! We're a fitness family from a wide range of past experiences and future goals... But the idea is to love, respect, and support one another on the way. 

Just some thoughts for ya.  



HeroFit session with Rodney Bond

HeroFit session With Jojo  

HeroFit session with Rodney Bond

"Embrace Yourself!" Ces White. Showing massive wild rippedness. LOL. How could I say embrace yourself and be afraid to embrace me? Got big goals though...